Healing Wounds.

Restoring Lives.

Patient Care:

It’s Why We’re Here.

At Regenaskin, we’re passionate about providing the most cutting-edge skin substitutes and wound care solutions medical science has to offer. . . 

But the difference we make in the lives of our patients is what keeps us going each day.

It’s our business to make each patient’s life better.

And we accomplish that by supplying the highest-quality human amniotic tissue grafts, designed to heal even the most persistent wounds.

But we don’t stop there. We support physicians and their staff in the approval, treatment, and reimbursement processes, ensuring they can provide the care patients need to heal. . . and thrive.

Start thriving today. Learn how Regenaskin can help YOU.

Our Featured Products

Complete FT

Placental tissue allograft used as a protective barrier


A four-layer allogeneic amniotic membrane allograft barrier


A three-layer allogeneic amniotic membrane allograft barrier

Membrane wrap ​

A human amniotic allograft membrane that reduces healing time


A dual-layer placental tissue allograft barrier

The Regenaskin Process


Our network of sales professionals helps identify patients who would benefit from our cutting-edge skin substitutes. We work with our customers to match each patient to the best product and procedure. . . for the best possible outcome.


Our products are available for overnight shipping to physician’s offices and hospitals. They can be stored at room temperature for up to five years from the date they are manufactured.


We offer full support to our customers and providers–from product selection to treatment plans to coverage and reimbursement–to ensure our products are easy to use. . . and available to help patients heal.

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